20 Alternative Uses For Hanging Shoe Organizer – Smart Ways To Make Your Life Easy

Got a hanging shoe organizer that you don’t use anymore? If you have one lying around your home, you can easily use it to keep your other items organized.

From adding it to the closet space in the bedroom to turning it into a first aid kit, there are plenty of things you can do with it.

Here are some nifty and creative hanging shoe organizer ideas for your over-the-door shoe organizer. Also, none of these involve storing sandals or sneakers.

1. Organize your First Aid Kits

Do you ever have difficulty finding band-aids and gauze? Where is your Burnol whenever you need it? These things happen a lot. Therefore, you organize your first-aid kit in a shoe organizer over the door.

Fill the pockets with ointments, liquids, sterile gauze, band-aids, cotton balls, and other necessary supplies. Don’t forget to keep some basic over-the-counter drugs as well.

This way, you’ll always be ready to handle any cuts or burns that require immediate medical attention.

2. Create Space For Tank Tops

It will be easy to find your running tanks in this organizer, and you’ll be alerted when it’s time to do your laundry. You can also sort them by color if you are into that sort of stuff.

3. A Beautiful Way To Display Your Fashion Jewelry

Where do you store your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings? There’s no need to lock up your jewelry if you wear a different set every day. Also, it is not the most practical way to store your jewelry.

Gather your jewelry items together. Organize them into separate groups. Put those you typically use in the shoe organizer. This way, you can easily reach the ones that you wear the most.

4. Organize Spices Together

A tiny spice shelf hardly offers any space to organize all your spices. However, you will have more than 24 pockets with a shoe organizer to store and organize all your spice collections with a hanging shoe organizer for small spaces. 

5. Put Your Sewing Items In An Easy-To-Reach Place

sewing organizer ideas

Love to sew and stitch? Knitting sounds interesting. You can use a shoe organizer as a storage space for your knitting kits, needles, thread balls, sewing spools, and other knitting and stitching supplies.

6. Have More Fun Playing With LEGO

lego organizer ideas in hanging shoe organizer

Keep those tiny LEGO blocks off the floor with a hanging organizer if you’ve stepped on them too many times. I know how painful this can be. You may even want to designate each pocket a different color so that your kids can play more easily.

7. You Don’t Need A Lot Of Space In The Pantry

Suppose you have a pantry packed with jars and bottles, and there isn’t a single inch of room left to put anything else. You can use a shoe organizer to keep the extra items.

Put it on your pantry door. Place all small containers and small jars of spices into their respective pockets where they are neatly placed. You’ll appreciate how much more space you have in the pantry.

8. Organize Complicated Cords

Organize Complicated Cords in hanging shoe organizer

The next time you stumble upon a gray cord and have no idea what or who it belongs to, grab a shoe organizer with labels! It will save you from throwing away something that you will regret later.

9. A Place To Store Your Hair Styling Tools

Does your hair change its appearance from day to day? Is it curly, wavy, straight, or ringed? Are there several hairstyling tools available to you?

Then put all your hair styling tools on the over-the-door shoe organizer and free up your cupboard space.

The organizer has several pockets for curlers, straighteners, dryers, blowers, sprays, and other hair styling gadgets. Your hair will be easier to style when all of your accessories are at your fingertips.

10. Put Away Spray Paint

Let’s say you spent money on a rainbow of colors for a project but don’t know where to store them. Organize your garage wall space better by hanging a wall mounted shoe racks for garage and keeping all the spray paint organized

11. Vertical Gardening Is Easy To Do At Home

Vertical Gardening in hanging shoe organizer

What makes you think you have to have a lot of space to garden? You don’t even need a lot of things to try out vertical gardening.

It is true that you can use recycled water bottles or garden pots when gardening. A shoe organizer can also be used for vertical gardening.

If you don’t want to plant directly on the ground, make sure you’re using the right potting mix (soil combination) for your plants. Now you can create your own vegetable garden with that over-the-door shoe organizer.

12. Keep Cleaning Supplies Separate

Alternative Uses For Hanging Shoe Organizer

Is it really worth searching through your clutter when there’s juice or coffee splattered all over your white carpet?

Whenever you are in a messy situation, this hanging caddy helps you quickly locate your sprays and cleaners.

13. Make Sure The School Supplies Are Organized

how to organize your school supplies at home in hanging shoe organizer

While your kids are still young, teach them organization techniques so that they will take them with them as they grow up.

You can teach them how to organize their school supplies with an over-the-door shoe organizer.

You can also place other school supplies that fit inside shoe organizer pockets, such as pens, pencils, tapes, and note cards. Put it on the wall or on their door, so they can easily find it.

14. Make a Place for Baby Toys

If your kids have a lot of toys but not enough spaces, use a shoe organizer instead. The organizer will come in handy if your kid’s toys collection overtakes the playroom.

15. Treat Yourself To A Few Sweets

Are you a chocolate lover? Or maybe your children enjoy munching on wafers during exam time?

No matter what your sweet tooth is, this over-the-door shoe organizer is the perfect fit for the job.

Fill in the pockets of the organizer with your favorite chocolates, toffee, wafers, and crisps, and enjoy a break!

16. Organize Your Baby’s Clothes

Organize Your Baby’s Clothes in hanging shoe organizer

Baby seems to have more clothes than mom sometimes, doesn’t it? Your home may have this problem, so you should use the pockets in your shoe organizer to store away onesies easily.

Organize the baby supplies, so they are easily accessible. Overhead shoe organizers can be hung on nursery doors.

Then, stuff the pockets with clothes, toys, wipes, and other baby supplies. Clean and disinfect the organizer as well.

17. Crafty Corner For All Ages

It will come in handy if you get addicted to origami – just stuff all your craft supplies inside the shoe organizer’s pockets.

Make sure sharp objects, such as scissors are kept at the top of the cabinet. You can keep the rest of the non-harmful stuff on the lower portion of the organizer.

18. Keep All The Wrapping Paper Safe & Organized

organize wrapping paper in hanging shoe organizer

A crinkled roll of wrapping paper is the last thing you want when you’re trying to grab it from the back of your closet. Rolls can be stored upright and tight by snipping the bottom of a few pockets on your shoe organizer.

19. Bathroom Products Can Be Placed On An Extra Shelf

You will have more space to enjoy your bath if you keep extra bathroom supplies out of the shower area. Over-the-door shoe organizers are the solution!

Hang one by the door. As you enjoy your bathing routine even more fully, you have created additional space for your soaps, face wash, shampoo bottles, and more.

20. Organize Your Gardening Tools

By hanging a shoe organizer near your workstation, you can keep all of your essentials nearby rather than having to return to the garage every time you need a different tool.

Here see some more alternative uses of hanging shoe organizer

Final Words

The time has come to put those ideas into practice now that you know lots of ways you can use a hanging shoe organizer. Take advantage of your shoe organizer at home and use it as needed.

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