How to Get Gum off Shoes – 7 Actionable Tips

Not the most horrible & annoying of annoyances, and maybe not as bad as we think it is, but indeed, having a shoe with gum stuck in the sole can be incredibly bugging.

A piece of gum is not simply gum. It can get hard, incredibly sticky and so stubborn that it could make us waste hours of our time getting it off. However, this evil chewing comestible won’t stay there if you use the right approach.

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If you are looking for a way to get any piece of gum faster from your shoe sole, here’s seven ways to get it off effortlessly:

1. WD-40 or Any Multi-Use Dis-solver

WD-40 is a product specifically created to dissolve grease and other similar compounds. This means that they can help with gum as well. And of course, it is the most effective method, here’s why: 

  • Apply WD-40 or any multi-use dis-solver in the area where the gum is
  • Let it rest for a minute and touch the gum to see if it feels less sticky and more liquid
  • If it does feel more liquid, just grab a tissue or a paper towel and get it off
  • Spray the dis-solver and clean again until it is all off

As you see, it takes only a few minutes and demands no additional effort. Sadly, you may not have a bottle of one of these close by, so you will have to try different methods – like the following ones.

2. The Ice Freezing Method

A frozen gum loses its sticky ability, so it doesn’t spread when trying to remove it, and won’t get stuck in item while removing it. However, for the ice-freezing method, you may also use a plastic bag for even better results. Here’s how:

  • Put the shoe in the freeze (inside a plastic bag if you can), and let it rest for at least 2 hours, so it gets frozen enough.
  • If you did it with a plastic bag, make sure it is tight enough for the plastic to stick to the gum while it is freezing. Press for 20 minutes before inserting in the freezer.
  • Take the shoe out (with the plastic bag). Make sure the gum is now really hard and non-sticky. The plastic should have taken at least part of the gum itself.
  • With a pencil, a screwdriver, a chisel, or just anything pointy – take the rest of gum off of the shoe’s sole.

In just 2 to 3 hours, you will be able to take any stubborn gum off your shoe.

3. Olive Oil is Also Helpful

Olive oil is a fantastic greasy product that penetrates the sticky yet solid state of the gum and makes it a lot easier to get off. You can also remove shoe glue from your skin using olive oil. Here’s how to do it:

  • Grab a tissue and pour from 2 to 4 drops of olive oil, enough to leave the fabric greasy.
  • Now, with the part of the tissue that is greasy, slowly spread the olive oil over and around the gum.
  • Leave the tissue over the gum for at least 1 minute. Make sure only to touch the shoe’s sole to avoid stains.
  • Now that the oil has penetrated the gum, it will get greasy and a lot more manageable.
  • With a stick or any pointy item, get the gum off the sole of the shoe. Use the tissue to clean whatever is left.

Remember always to be careful to not damage the shoe with the olive oil, which could leave stains and harm the materials.

4. Acetone (Nail Polish Remover) Works Great As Well

When you apply acetone to any nail polish, you immediately feel how the polish gets weaker and a lot easier to remove. The same will happen if you use it on the gum. To do it, you will only have to:

  • Dip a paper towel in acetone (a few drops)
  • Now wipe the cloth in the gum until it comes off, or use a pointy to remove the item after applying the acetone on the chewing-gum
  • Make sure not to touch any material with the towel (especially if it is leather) apart from the sole

Nail polish removers with acetone tend to be incredibly strong. If they touch any part of your shoe, very likely that part will eventually look different or possibly even get discolored.

5. Sand On-the-Go

Not the most effective out there, yet incredibly useful for when you are on the streets or can’t get the ingredients/items of the other methods. And it is incredibly simple:

  • Just grab some sand or dirt and apply it on the sole where the gum is
  • Then with a stick or any pointy item you can, try to get the sand to penetrate the gum as much as you can
  • Now the chicle should be easier to take off as it won’t be as hard or sticky
  • Remove whatever you want and apply more sand or dirt until you’ve taken most of the gum off

This process wouldn’t help you take all the bubblegum off your shoe unless the gum was not stuck all in. However, taking your time will probably help you remove as much as you can without having to get any specific item or ingredient.

6. Heat Up the Gum with a Lighter

Not the safest method and not the easiest either. Yet, if you do it well, you will get that gum out a lot more efficiently & quickly than with any other. Just try this:

  • As the method says, get a lighter or use a kitchen flame to heat up the sole where the gum is
  • Make sure to heat up at the right distance not to damage the shoe’s sole
  • After heating up for 30 seconds up to a minute, you can now try to get the gum off with a stick or pointy metal item
  • It should come off pretty quickly as the heat will make the gum shrink and melt

You will have to do this method with more care than with any other, so you don’t damage the shoe while trying to get the gum off.

7. Removing with Peanut Butter

There’s almost no doubt about how good a spoon of peanut butter will make you feel. However, it is not only delicious but a great help when taking gum off your shoe sole. Here’s how:

  • Apply one or two tablespoons of butter on the gum (depending on how much it is) and coat it completely
  • Leave the butter to do its work for at least 10 minutes
  • Now get the butter with the gum off, as it should have softened out by now
  • Get a pointy item and get the rest off as well, or just wash the shoe with water after

You should be careful about not making a mess with the peanut butter, and that’s it. You will very likely get that gum off without problems.

Want to Remove Gum Off Your Shoe Easily?

Just try these methods, whether you are at home or on-the-go, they will help you get any gum off your shoe without much effort.

Just make sure you have the items or ingredients, and that will be it – following each step is a total piece of cake!

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