Different ways to tie shoe knot – How to Lace Your Shoes

Think the bunny method of tying shoes is the only way of lacing your shoes?

Well, think again. We learn at a young age what our parents tell us, yet as soon as we start tying them up, we stop going over it as we immediately feel like we have it figured out already.

But like everything else – there are many different ways to lace up shoes, yet we only learn one.

Depending on the design you want and the type of shoe, there are many styles you can choose for your shoes. Here we have interesting and useful recommendations that may help you learn how to lace your shoes more creatively & effectively in the future. Take a look further and find out!

Different Ways To Lace Up Shoes – Lacing Your Shoes with Style

The lacing style is how the shoelaces look when tied up. Depending on what you choose, you will immediately have a different appearance to boast, whether you like classical or more creative approaches.

Straight Bars

It is one of the tidiest ways to lace up your shoes, gives a laid-off appearance, but at the same time makes you look uncluttered. And what’s even better, it is a total piece of cake:

  • Point the shoe toes away from you. Insert the first lace into the first eyelet from the lowest part. Insert a shoelace on each side of the holes.
  • Now run the right or left lace below the eyelets until you reach the last one on the top. Here, pass it through the hole, pulling it up.
  • Then take the other side of the lace and pass it through the second eyelet and pull it all up.
  • At the third eyelet, change the side and pass it through the opposite eyelet. You will have the second straight bar.
  • With the same lace, go up one eyelet on the same side and pull it up. Then change sides again and pass it through the opposite side eyelet. You will have a third bar.
  • Finally, just continue lacing until you reach the last two bars, following the same pattern. The other lace will have to be pulled down until both are the same length.

You will have a tidy and very comfortable lacing style, especially useful in casual shoes.

Ladder Lacing

Also known as the European straight, is a very similar design to the straight bar but with a very interesting underneath touch. It is unique nonetheless so that it may feel a little more difficult than others:

  • Piece the lace in the first pair of eyelets pulling both sides down.
  • Now, insert one of the lace ends in the first eyelet from the opposite side pulling it up. Then pass it through in a straight from to the opposite pulling it down.
  • With the opposite end of the lace, go below the other lace’s bar and jump one eyelet and insert it on the third one from the opposite side where it is now pulling it up. Then make the same straight connection to the opposite hole pulling it down.
  • Then repeat the third step with the opposite end of the alternating lace sides. Then, once again, alternate and lace up until you reach the final eyelets.

It should end up looking with several straight bars and a few diagonal forms below the bars. And of course, it will leave a lot more lace to tie up at the end. It is perfect for formal and casual shoes.


The crisscross is the most common, the easiest, and the most useful & comfortable lacing style for any shoe. Almost all types of shoes can use it, and there’s just no secret or a particular way of doing it:

  • Make the first straight bar at the first eyelets, and then make sure both ends of the shoelace are the same length.
  • Now, you can start lacing up by crossing the lace, crisscrossing mainly, from down to up, or inside to the outside.
  • Make sure you pass each lace alternatively, going at the same time to avoid uncomfortable lacing and ugly-looking designs later.
  • Cross each lace end until you reach the final eyelets. Then check to see that it looks uniform and symmetric. Otherwise, fix accordingly.

This style offers the chance to achieve tighter lacing. For sports shoes, especially extreme activities, the tighter the pump is, the better – so crisscross comes very handily.

The Loop Back

The loop back is purely decorative. Doesn’t offer much of an advantage or benefit, yet it looks so unique & interesting that it could be your next favorite lacing style. To do it, you won’t have to follow complicated instructions:

  • Just make the first straight lace in the first two eyelets of the shoe. Start from the bottom up, or from the inside out.
  • Now pass one of the ends through the next eyelet in the same eyelet side, and pull up until but leaving a short part of the lace between the holes.
  • Now, grabbing the other end, you will pass it in-between the other lace and come back to the next eyelet. It should leave an X-like twisted design.
  • Then, do the same once again. Pass a lace end through the next eyelet and pull up leaving a small part in between. Then, grab the other lace end and pass it through that lace in the middle forming an X.
  • Follow step 4 until you reach the final eyelets. Remember to feed every hole from below.

It has excellent effects on how your shoes look, but not every shoe will look the same. Casual & formal shoes will not boast this style correctly. Instead, use this style with shoes with thick laces, primarily if they are colored – use two different ones. Funny-looking and shoes will wear this style a lot better.

Lacing Your Shoe Is Easier than you Think!

Whether you are learning to tie up your shoe for the first time or you want to learn more ways to do it including lace shoes without tying, there are a lot of options & styles you can learn. The previous ones are just the most common and useful depending on what you’re looking for.

Remember, however, the type of shoe and desired look you are expecting to get. This way you will make sure to learn the right lacing style that fits exactly what you need.

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