How To Prevent Sole Separation?

How To Prevent Sole Separation

If you want your shoes to last longer, you will need to learn how to make them last longer.

Prevention is better than fixing separated soles. That’s why, the first thing you will need to understand is what causes sole separation?

Common Causes of Sole Separation

You are Using the Wrong Shoe for the Wrong Activity!

A running shoe that is designed for forwarding motion isn’t a good fit for sports such as tennis or soccer. Similarly, shoes that are used for sports or activities aren’t suitable for running.

If you have to walk a lot of time in a day, a wedge sole boot can be a good option for you. Or if you are a logger or lineman worker, using a logger boot or a lineman boot can be perfect for you. So, always choose the right footwear for the right activity to avoid sole separation.

You are Wearing a Shoe That Is Too Big or Too Small for Your Feet!

Your shoe uppers will deteriorate if you wear a smaller size shoe that doesn’t fit your feet well. If you keep wearing your shoes like this, you will cause sole separation.

Also, measuring your feet at least once a year is highly recommended if you want to ensure a proper fit.

Those Shoes Haven’t Been Used in a Long While!

Due to exposure to oxygen, the material in the shoe starts to weaken or dry over time. Long periods of sitting may cause the foam and shoe glue to crumble or loosen.

If you want to get the best life out of your shoes, start wearing them as soon as you purchase them.

Shoes aren’t Meant to be Machine Washed or Dried in the Sun!

How To Prevent Sole Separation

Try cleaning your shoes by hand. Not all shoes are made equal, and some shoes don’t last that long if they are machine washed. Also, don’t place wet shoes under the sun.

If you do this, the sole of your shoe might get separated from the upper. Also, if you dry your shoes under the sun, the intense heat can cause the rubber to wrap or shrink. That’s why it is a bad idea to dry shoes under the sun.

The Room Temperature Is Too High!

High room temperature can reheat the adhesive in your shoes. And too much heat can make the sole come loose, resulting in sole separation.

These are just some of the common reasons for your shoe soles to come loose. However, one thing most people tend to neglect is proper shoe storage. 

Storing Shoes The Right Way

If you want to know how to prevent sole separation, you will need to learn how to store shoes without destroying them.

Oftentimes, the best way to store shoes is not the one you might think of first. Here are some tips on storing shoes in an effective way.

1. Using A Shoe Organizer

Using A Shoe Organizer to prevent sole separation

Consider a shoe organizer that best suits your needs. Using a hanging shoe organizer is preferable because you can use it for many purposes. A key element of shoe storage is the place where you store them. Wire racks, custom cabinets, and boxes are all considered suitable options for specialized shoe storage.

Nevertheless, the best way to store shoes depends on how long you will keep them without wearing them. Shoes you wear frequently are best stored openly so they can breathe when damp. This storage solution does not provide enough support for the long-term storage of shoes.

2. Properly Stuff The Shoes

To stuff the shoes, stuff them with acid-free tissue paper. The nature of acid-free papers is that they are absorbent. This helps to maintain the proper moisture level of your shoes. In addition to that, it will also help protect the shoes from deterioration.

3. Using Muslin

Use acid-free tissue instead of newsprint when stuffing shoes for moderate or long-term storage. The unbleached muslin is an excellent alternative because it has the strength to fill leather boots and thick felt shoes without feeling bulky.

Muslin protects delicate sequins and metal clasps from scratches as well as wicking away moisture, like paper.

4. Use Proper Shoe Storage

You can store your shoes for longer in shoe horns made from wood. When it comes to storing shoes for the long term, the process is slightly different from that of storing shoes you wear more frequently.

Shoehorns and shoe stretchers help shoes keep their shape when they are taken off your feet for a week or more, and they are an elegant option for keeping them in wearable shape.

To avoid stretching a shoe, you must use the right size. A variety of sizes and fits are available to ensure a comfortable fit.

It is recommended that shoes are allowed to rest for a day or two after wearing them so any moisture may evaporate. After that, you can insert a plastic or wooden shoe frame.

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Final Words

Your boots and shoes are one of the hardest working accessories, and they cost a lot to replace as well. Knowing how to store and maintain your shoes correctly will prevent them from becoming brittle and unwearable, thus allowing you to save money on them.

Learn all there is to know about shoe maintenance if you want your pair to last long. And that’s all there is to know about how to prevent sole separation.

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