How To Keep Feet From Sweating In Work Boots

If you use work boots, the biggest problem you will face is sweating in them. Work boots are mainly designed for hard workers like police officers, construction workers, security guards, hunters, soldiers, etc.

They often complain about sweating. Sweating makes it very uncomfortable and gives bacteria and fungus a perfect environment to breed. This causes itching, odors, and pain.

If you follow the tips and instructions given below you can keep your feet from sweating in work boots.

Baking Soda

You can use some baking soda in your work boots. Baking soda is cheap and you can find it anywhere.
You just have to sprinkle some baking soda into your boots. Do not rub it. It will set there and remove the moisture and odor.

Baby Powder

You can use the scent of the baby powder. You just have to apply some baby powder inside of your boots at night. The next morning you will find a nice scent instead of a bad smell.

Foot Powder

If you can not tolerate sweat and odor at all you can use cooling foot powder. You can find top-rated foot powder in the local market or online Store Amazon. Many athletes also use these foot powders to protect their feet.

These are equipped with essential oils, including menthol and eucalyptus. These can   dry and help to cure fungal infections. It is very easy to use. You have to apply the powder directly before wearing the socks.

Use Sachets

It is one of the easiest ways to keep your feet dry and cool. You have to take a sachet. Take some baking soda in your sachets and drop it inside the boots. It removes the moisture and keeps your feet dry.


You can buy a pair of insoles for your boots. It will keep your feet dry, remove the moisture and kill the odor. And if you use insoles your boots will be more comfortable to wear.

You Can Use Desert Boots

For the high-temperature environment, you should avoid buying waterproof boots. In this case, you can buy desert boots. There are lots of desert boots in the market. Desert boots are very lightweight and easily breathable.

So this boot will keep your feet dry and cool. So you will not have to worry about sweat.

Absorbent Socks Can Help

If you use a lightweight and breathable work boot but your feet are still sweating, you can use high-absorbent socks. You can find these work socks in the market easily.

They are really good for your feet. They are not so thick. These socks can keep your feet dry and cool. these socks will remove the moisture and odor from your feet.

Febreeze Spray

Febreeze spray can remove the moisture and keep your feet dry. If you use this your feet will smell great also. You have to spray it on your feet, socks, and inside of your boots.

If your socks become wet because of sweating you have to change them. If you do not change it the bacteria will grow inside of your boots. There will be a bad smell inside of your boots.

In this case, you can use three or four pairs of socks per week.

Antibacterial Soaps

While washing your feet after work, try to use antibacterial soaps. You can use Epsom salts also. It will kill the bacteria from your feet and remove the smell from your feet. Thus your feet will remain safe and ready for everyday works.

Antiperspirant Can Help

To keep your feet dry and cool you can use antiperspirant on your feet. Deodorants do not help in this case. Antiperspirants can keep your feet from sweating and odor.

You have to use antiperspirant at night mainly. Because our feet sweat the least at night. If you use the antiperspirant at night it can work more effectively and block the sweat glands.

You have to use it on every side of your toe also. you should use it for several days. But you have a serious problem with your feet you can see a doctor first.

If you use the antiperspirant at night it can work more effectively and block the sweat glands. You have to use it on every side of your toe also. you should use it for several days.

Give Your Feet Time To Breathe

Always try to find some time to take your boot and socks off. We have a list of best work socks, you should check that out. If You can do this on your break. It will allow your feet to breathe perfectly for a while in the open air. This is very effective. It will keep your feet dry and cool. You should do this two or three times per day.

Buy The Second Pair Of Work Boots

If you can invest some money and buy a second pair of work boots you can wear them each other day. If you do this you can give 24 hours for your boots to dry out fully. Check out our collection for the best logging boots available on the market.


Comfort is very important while working. Sweat can cause you itching and other problems while working. You can follow these instructions. I hope this will help. But if these do not work and you still have sweating problems, immediately see a doctor.

Sweating won’t be a problem if you have microfiber material inside your boot. For example, The Kodiak Thane for men’s hiking boots has moisture-wicking properties to wear for a long time.

Any serious sweating problem can be cured if the reason is known. If you liked this article and also if you know any other methods please leave a comment below and let me know.

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