How to Wash Socks Like a Pro! – Debunking the common misconceptions

Washing clothes is an endeavor that seems effortless and straightforward, yet if you do only one thing wrong, you may end up destroying all your most precious garments without even knowing why.

When it comes to regular socks or work socks, there are things most people think and do that are really wrong which could lead to the same end. But these things are both positive and negative, some leading to bad endings and others capable of improving your experience while washing.

Here we are going to talk about these things that could help you make fewer mistakes while washing your socks! Come and learn more!

1. The Washing Machine is Your Enemy

People tend to think that socks and washing machines are not good friends. And it is somehow true, especially when you don’t pair the socks correctly or wash them along with colored garments, or even when you just simply add too many pieces into the washing machine.

However, washing machines, like any other machine out there, will help you wash socks faster and more efficiently than at hand. And of course, without having to lose them, discolor them, or even damage them.

The following tips will help you achieve a much better experience while washing socks in the machine:

Always separate the socks by color. Even though some materials should be cleaned independently as well, there’s not much that could happen to them while washing in a machine. But when it comes to color, you must always make sure that light colors are always separated from the strongest ones.

  • Tuck the sock inside out, making sure the inner part is the one that is going to receive the soap and detergent. The germs, bacteria, and so on that make the stinky odor are all on the inside of the sock, so always focus on washing that part first.
  • Pinch a pair of socks together with a cloth pin. Even though they are likely to get separated in the process, if you have eight different pairs in the same wash, at least three will stay together. This will minimize the chance of losing a single sock or make the post-wash harder.
  • Fill the washing machine with water, detergent or soap, and a stain remover (or vinegar). Start it gently and let them wash for at least 5 minutes. The milder the detergent and soap, the less likely you are to damage the socks.
  • After washing the socks, take them out of the machine, tuck them to the right side once again and straighten them. By stretching the fabric, you are making sure they can dry faster and more efficiently.

2. How to wash socks by Hand – Is it a Slow & Tiring Process?

Hand-washing is the reason washing machines exist. Yes, it demands more effort & time than washing machines, but that doesn’t mean it is slow or tiring, especially when it comes to socks.

You can wash them fast without having to spend hours and leaving them even better than doing it with a washing machine. Here’s how to wash socks without washing machine:

  • Pile up all your socks together and then sort them out by colors and those that are white. Always wash the white socks alone. Also, nylon or cotton socks for sports always need to be cleaned independently from dressing and formal
  • Now that they have separated fill a pot with cold water, then add 100 ml of vinegar (to remove stains) and some detergent.
  • Then take the inside of the socks out and wash them in reverse in the pot. Wash each pair of socks individually and then let them rest in the water while you wash the rest.
  • As soon as you finish with the whites or the colored socks, repeat the process of the pot of water in another container, leaving the first ones soaking for at least 5 minutes.
  • After washing the others, leave them soaking as well. While they soak, clean the first ones with only water, making sure the dirt and bacteria go away entirely. Then go clean the other.
  • Finally, put the socks on the right side, and let them dry. It is recommended not to stretch them too much, as constant handling with the hands could damage them, especially when stretched.

From the above discussion, we’ve learned about How to clean socks without a washing machine.

3. Using More Soap Means Cleaner Socks

Well, this is more of a general misconception, yet one that is critical to remember when washing socks in specific as well.

Never think that using too much soap or detergent can clean your socks better. It has more to do with how strong the cleanser is, and what type of cloth your socks are made of.

For this, it is recommended to do the following:

  • For materials such as cotton and wool, it is better to use mild detergents and soaps. Always using fewer, as these fabrics are more responsive to chemicals and can get damaged easily.
  • With nylon socks or similar fabrics, you can use stronger detergents and soaps. However, always use less to avoid rinsing, discolor, and possibly even damaging the socks.
  • Always use detergent according to the instructions of the product, or less in some cases. Don’t ever use more than that.

4. Machine-Drying Socks Damages Them

Drying socks with a dryer is not the most recommended practice after washing them, as it could damage them instead if you are not careful. But doing it correctly could lead to excellent results, making your socks dry not only really fast, but also even improving how clean they end up.

So, it means it is not entirely a misconception but more not knowing how to do it correctly. Follow this advice to machine-dry your socks without problems:

  • Get the water excess off the socks by rolling a towel and then pressing them with it.
  • Don’t squeeze the socks, just take them out of the towel now and put them immediately on the dryer. Add only the socks, nothing more.
  • Start in a moderate or the lowest level of drying. Use the “delicate fabric” drying mode if the machine has one.
  • After drying them for 5 minutes, make sure they are all dry. Now, just fold them and save them.

5. Nothing Can Damage Socks

Well, as we have said before, both washing machines and dryers can harm socks if you are not careful when using them. However, most people think that’s not true, and what’s even worse, they believe that other cleaning chemicals, liquids, and so on, don’t make an effect on socks. But of course, that’s entirely incorrect.

Especially when we talk about wool and cotton socks, the right care is always essential. Here are a few things you should consider when washing socks:

  • If you can dry your socks with fresh air only, it’s better. Drying machines shortens the lifespan of clothes and especially
  • Don’t use any fabric softener, iron-made liquids, bleach, or detergent with strong chemicals.
  • Make sure there are is metal parts on the washing machine with your socks, they can open holes in them without you even noticing (cloth pins are the exemption)
  • Wash white and colored socks separately, always. Light-colored socks should also be washed individually, as well as by material (wool, cotton, nylon, etc.)
  • Stain removers can be damaging to your socks as well. It’s better to use vinegar, dishwasher liquid, salt, or even hydrogen peroxide if you have some.

Finally, Washing Socks is A Total Piece of Cake!

Misconceptions are part of human nature, and even for the most unexpected of activities such as washing socks – you will find several things that don’t make sense. Here we have clarified some of them, so you can now clean your socks without problems.

So try our recommendations, make sure you wash your socks correctly, and avoid wasting your time and effort while doing it. Just make sure your misconceptions about sock-washing are now cleared!

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